Website design Suffolk and London

Helix Digital - a freelance web designer working in Suffolk and London - combine website design and visitor engagement with the functionality needed for putting your business online or improving your online business.

Helix Digital has designed and built website's for large European private equity companies, artists, professional photographers, advertising agencies and start-ups selling online. See our portfolio

Your website is your shop window to the world, communicating your business offer or sales message in an instant is vital. A visitor will judge a website and whether or not they want to transact with it in a few seconds, it must have instant appeal.

website design
web design

In a busy market your website has to instantly attract and engage the visitor, communicating who you are, what you do. A well projected image of your organisation’s personality, showing it’s strengths and benefits, will make the difference between the site’s success or failure.

Our focus is on our client’s business needs and our solutions are always driven by their business objectives, matching marketing and communications strategies with high profile website design, imagery and branding, attracting new visitors and strengthening existing client relationships.

Website build

Our website design and build complies the W3C web standards to ensure that the content is available to the broadest range of users and devices, including handheld, and is ‘future proof’. Helix Digital will provide a complete strategy, starting with how your website will be found by search engines and creating an engaging concept and content, right through to determining the correct technologies for your needs, such as CMS (editable website's), e-commerce and other online applications, including website's especially for hand held devices.